Laboratory information for CE certification

Hi Sirs,

Actually, we are applying CE & FCC certifications for our system; and our system is designed by NVIDIA’s TX2 module. Currently, the lab is asking us to provide one fixed frequency test tool for WiFi (2.4G / 5G) to apply CE; since TX2 supports WiFi feature.

Regarding this request, we couldn’t get any positive feedback until now, even our lab said that this tool is necessary if TX2 got the CE certificated already.

Therefore, our lab asked us to check the laboratory information about NVIDIA TX2’s CE certification.
If we know the lab information, perhaps we can pass this request to them and let them support us to evaluate our system for certifications.


Hi, please refer to TX2 Regulatory and Compliance Documents:

Hi, I got this document before and confirmed that the document included certification only, but we couldn’t get the test report or lab information inside.

Plz advice.

That’s what we can provide. Please refer to below topics:

Hi Sirs,

Currently, we are still stuck in the CE RED regulation and can not move forward, please help us to solve our questions.
According to the Compliance_Guide that we downloaded from NV’s website, it mentioned the host (our system) with the TX2 module, we can perform partial tests with reference to the module test data.

Our current questions are listed as below:

  1. We are unable to get the TX2 test date or report
  2. we still need the get the WiFi fixd freq. tool for TX2, this tool is must to have item when NVIDA applied
    wireless certification/ regulation for your TX2 module. Could you please share this tool to us? It’s necessary if our system want to get system layer CE certified.