Lack of HDMI2.1 on new RTX Super lineup , NVIDIA Screwed up ?

Hi , I am using RTX2080Ti now and for my disappointment I found out this card have only HDMI2.0 released in 2013.
was looking to upgrade to new RTX Super lineup and hopping to get HDMI2.1 there, but looks like NVIDIA used the same old HDMI2.0 again.
HDMI2.1 released over a year ago and this is terrible we not have it in 2019 gpus.
so I can’t use 4K 4:4:4 @ 120hz on HDMI2.1 screens because none of NVIDIA cards have this output.
who is responsible for this mistake ?
where to address this problem ?
RTX Super 2080Ti not yet released , maybe it will have HDMI2.1 ?


I suggest that you reach out to our support team here. This community is mainly used by developers and data scientists.

Our GeForce forum is also available for consumer-related issues.


I did , they told me to write it here so maybe some NVIDIA hardware Dev will see it .

This forum is for community feedback and is not monitored by engineers. I will move this post to another forum, but I am afraid it might not get seen. I would still post this to the GeForce community, that way you will have a better chance of getting someone to answer.


Moved to GPU Hardware.

btw RTX 2080 Ti Super not yet out , maybe it will have HDMI 2.1 ???