Laggy X server with nvidia 313.18 on a GTX 660Ti

With nvidia 310.19 as packaged by Arch Linux, my system runs fine. After upgrading to 313.18 X uses huge amounts of CPU and I can hardly move windows any more.

The log file of the running X with 313.18 will be attached shortly. won’t be as .gz is an “invalid file extension”. Please fix that too. (Link valid for 10 days, will reupload if necessary)

I don’t see anything obviously wrong from your log. When the X server is using a lot of CPU time, what other programs are running? Are any other processes also using CPU time? Can you please install the “perf” program, run “perf record -a” for a while while the X server is using the CPU time, press Ctrl-C, and then attach the output of “perf report”?

Only 2 urxvt are running and only X uses 100%.

As for perf report:

perf report starts an ncurses (or similar) UI, but I think you want perf report --stdio. (since it is still not possible to attach anything other than images)

If you need any other perf output, I’ll be keeping the file for now.

reminds me a bit about my post

although it is not as extreme as you mentioned, for me it showed up big time in for example opera