Lan based Nvidia gamestream server build how to?

I am looking for documentation or help for a POC, on setting a Lan based gaming server similar to current gamestream.

Looking to have users play games like , Witcher 3, Mass effect, Counterstrik, GTA, Street fighter, starcraft 2 (co op on lan). maximum number of vApps is about 120 to 200 simultaneously for the final product. For this POC, 2 to 10 clients should be enough.

For the final product, Density is KEY, there is very little rack space and power, So I am thinking along the lines of 6 GPU capable boards. For processors, even platinum 8168 would be used for the high core count with decent clock speeds.

Hypervisor could be kvm or Vsphere.

I saw a 2014 presentation that talks about this, where I can avoid the "MS OS tax" and deliver just the apps.

The clients would mainly be Android devices, possibly IOS, and PC’s.

If there is someone at Nvidia I can contact regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Is there no one at Nvidia i can talk to about this? Yes i understand this would be very expensive / or maybe wouldn’t make sense financially if it was a LAN center but that’s not exactly what I am trying to do for this POC. Is there someone at Nvidia i can talk to ? or am I better off picking up the phone and calling Nvidia directly on this?