Language & Development on GTX1050

Hi, I wish to program all my GPU cores. 1050 board.
Create in machine code(asm if required) own language.
General programming and graphics.
Compiled initially for a virtual pc within OS, amd x64 processor.

Any suggestions?


nBitSerialProcessing, about same speed running at nBit64, about 60-63 times less transistors than 64bit processors. So can have 60-63 times more cores.
That’s for ±<>=!, */ would probably be a bit slower though could probably be covered if not go too high nBit. Designing processors like a calculator and not machine code asm is a way of faster processing too, as is not redo a calculation unless the varables have changed since last perform is another way too.
It’s not personal to nVidia or any other processor manufacturer, I’m just cleverer…
Sorry for getting personal here.