Laptop screen not working after setting up hybrid graphics on Legion 5

I have a Legion 5 laptop, Ryzen 7 4000 Series, Nvidia GeForce 1650 Ti and I had some issues with hybrid graphics, but I solved that using instructions from this thread: amd ryzen 5 mobile nvidia gtx 1050 login loop ubuntu 18.04 - #23 by iam.werter

I can confirm now that both GPUs are working fine.
However, now I can use my laptop only if I connect it to the external screen, the laptop screen is not detected even if I unplug the external display (I can see the backlight of the laptop screen though).
The laptop screen works briefly during boot, I can see the Ubuntu logo on both screens but then only the external one works.

Here is the nvidia-bug-report: Ubuntu Pastebin

Please delete

Thank you a lot, can’t believe I finally have fully functioning Legion 5, after 7 months of fighting the battle is finally over, and I was seconds close to install Windows, I even downloaded it, thanks man :)

Now, please tell me how did you know what was wrong, what do you see in that bug report which I don’t :)

Xorg log:

Using the first device section listed.
[ 12.982] (**) | |–>Device “Device0”

tells there’s a config file locking usage to a single gpu.

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