Larger heatsink?

This thing needs a larger heatsink, is that planned as a separate purchase?

No, the heatsink on devkit is not for sale separately.

I don’t want the same heatsink, I want a bigger one that can cool the chipset passively!

Please check with vendors in ecosystem or make a custom one by self following thermal design guide.

The heatpipe one seems nice but the more expensive one (which looks ok, the ripoff looks really bad) costs as much as the computer itself! And that is not guaranteed to passively cool the SoC!

I asked streacom if they would consider making a heatsink case like they did for the NUC, you should definetly give them a call!

There is bound to be alot more consumers buying the Jetson Nano at this new price point, so you should help them cool these silently properly! After all, the low energy requirement is the unique selling point, unless you provide passive cooling; Raspberry 4 is a better option as there are lots of passive cooling solutions for it on the market!

Hello @tinspin

We have a commercially available passive heat sink for the Jetson Nano if you’re interested. You can check it out here:

If you have any questions or want further information, feel free to reach out to me directly at



I don’t think this heatsink has surface enough beyond what the original heatsink has to be worth the investment. You need something in this order of magnitude: