Larger than 32MB boot sectors for mkgpt tool



I’m using L4T 21.7 for Tegra K1. Our hardware has 32GB eMMC and I have a problem with “mkgpt” tool. If I flash the device using default jetson-tk1.conf, all the images can be correctly uploaded to the device. Also u-boot starts up correctly, but fails to read partition table:
switch to partitions #0, OK
mmc0(part 0) is current device
** No partition table - mmc 0 **

In the document “Tegra Linux Driver Package - PLATFORM ADAPTATION AND BRING-UP GUIDE”, there are instructions on calculating the correct BOOTPARTSIZE and EMMCSIZE from the output of the flasher. Our device outputs following:
Region=1 SD Erase start 512B-sector=0,512B-sector-num=64512
Region=2 SD Erase start 512B-sector=0,512B-sector-num=64512
Region=0 SD Erase start 512B-sector=0,512B-sector-num=62160896

This leads to following values:

However 66060288 is too large value for the “mkgpt” tool, it fails with this message:
Error: Invalid bootpart size(66060288)

From my testing, it looks like largest supported value for “-b” argument of “mkgpt” is 33554432. So the question is, how can I create a gpt partition for eMMC with larger than 32MB boot sectors?

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Sami Nurmenniemi

@linuxdev @JerryChang

Do you have any idea how to deal with large boot partition support like Micron emmc which has 31.5MiB bootpartzsize?

I do not personally know how to handle that. The answer would be specific to the particular hardware, and likely to content in bootloading which I have not seen.