Laser or LED Projectors for Coded Light Projection

Is anyone aware of a small, inexpensive, projector for use with a coded-light setup?

I’ve been looking at a lot of demos with people using a standard projector, but these are very large, generate a lot of heat, and aren’t great for integrating into a solution.

I’d like to find something compatible with the TX2 that could project patterns used for binary coded light. Just monochrome, just capable of projecting binary masks.

I need to generate high resolution 3D data, and outside of profiling using a single laser, I’ve found that coded light works great with 16 images or so, but I’m at a loss for finding hardware I can use with the TX2.

Hi FendleTruck,

We’re unfamiliar with the type of projectors you mention, maybe some developers could share their experiences or suggestions.