Latest Jetson Xavier NX massflash SW download location


We use the Jetson Xavier NX in our product. We can’t find the download page for the latest flashing SW/utilities to flash bootloader, kernel, and solid-state-drive.

Can you point us to the download page?


For the JetPack 5.1, please refer to Flashing Support — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (

Hi kayccc,

I don’t see a link there to download the SW. Can you be more specific? Can we flash with Windows 10 host? With some Ubuntu host (18, 20, or 22?)?

We need a simple, lightweight way to automate flashing 5 at-a-time in production. Perhaps it would be simple command line interface or some GUI that Nvidia already created it. How do we do that?

Hi RoboWind,

You should use standalone Ubuntu 20.04 as your host PC to flash Jetpack 5.1.

BSP package could be downloaded in Jetson Linux 35.2.1.

And please refer to the link shared from kayccc for flashing steps and commands.

For massflash usage, you could refer to the Workflow 7: Initrd Massflash from README_initrd_flash.txt (you would see this file in BSP package)

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