Latest kernel officially supported by MLNX_OFED LTS 4.9-

Specifically interested in whether MLNX_OFED LTS 4.9- officially supports running on 5.10 kernel with --add-kernel-support. And if not, if there are any plans to support a kernel beyond 5.4 in the future.


Unfortunately, MLNX_OFED LTS does not currently support the 5.10 kernel in any of the distributions’ releases supported.

The list of supported operating systems by version and latest tested and supported kernels as implemented by each OS vendor can be found in the “General Support” section of the MLNX_OFED LTS Release Notes.

To view the Supported OS matrix for the latest LTS release, MLNX_OFED v4.9- LTS, please visit the following link:

As support is added for each kernel and OS/distribution tested, it will be included in these listings.

If you are using a ConnectX-4 or newer adapter that is compatible with MLNX_OFED 5.4- and do not require the older experimental verbs, you may wish to utilize the non-LTS version that does include support for many newer kernel implementations.

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Thanks Hilary,

I need to use functionality that only exists in the LTS version. Is there any expectation that support for newer kernels would be added to LTS in the future or would LTS effectively “die” when kernel 5.4 reaches end of life?