Latest Nvidia Drivers for Linux using 2 lanes @ 8.10 Gbps instead of 4 lanes @ 5.40 Gbps for 1080p@144Hz

I have a 1080p@144Hz Internal display on my laptop (Legion Y740) and an RTX 2060 GPU running Arch Linux with Nvidia proprietary drivers installed from Arch Repositories. It should be using HBR2 (DisplayPort 1.2). Until the Nvidia driver version 450.119.03 this was the case. But after that version it is using HBR3 (DisplayPort 1.4) which the display and connection iaren’t capable of, so the connection is being overloaded when ever there is increase in load (this signal is mostly being passed through CPU, as CPU load increases the tearing).

Fixes I have tried:
Using different Linux Distribution: Same issue persists, it works with the 450.119.03 driver correctly and fails with higher versions, even with varying kernel versions.
Forcing Full Composition Pipeline: Nothing changed
Using a different monitor and setting this resolution (1080p@144Hz): This issue doesn’t occur then, when the display is in DP 1.4 mode it uses 2 lanes @ 8.10 Gbps and when in DP 1.2 mode it uses 4 lanes @ 5.40 Gbps

All this is in discrete graphics mode when shifted to switchable graphics mode the display is run using Intel UHD Graphics and the issue isn’t present. It is also not present in Windows only happening with Linux Drivers. So I’m thinking a software bug in the driver, any help on this matter would be very much appreciated.

Screenshots of Nvidia X Server Settings

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Same general issue here, both on a desktop 1080ti on Arch, and a mobile 3070. The difference is the monitors are 4K 60hz, and they’re only running at 30.