Latest Qt Version for Nvidia TX2 Modules

Hello all,

I am using Nvidia TX2 custom board in my project. In my project, TX2 performs a graphical user interface which should be designed with Qt. I have installed qt-deafult and qtcreator by using package manager but the installed version is 5.9.5. I could not use the latest updates with this version. I checked the Qt official website but there is no arm64 installer file on offical site. My Jetpack version is 4.6.0. How can I install latest Qt version to my Jetson TX2 machine?
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

This would need other users to share experience. Please also refer to some relevant posts:
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Hi @DaneLLL ,

I have followed the instructions explained in the below post.

I have downloaded Qt 5.15.2 by using wget link. During the compilation process, I got an storage error. I have got 14 GB free. Is there a way to install Qt 5.15 version without using such large amounts data? I dont need some plugins. May I install Qt without get low memory error.

Thank you.

I am still waiting your response @DaneLLL .

This would need other users to share experience. Both Xavier and TX2 have 32GB emmc. The user has tried it on Xavier. Ideally it should also work on TX2. Probably you can only install system image and give it a try. Not to install CUDA and Tensor RT packages to have more freespace.

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