Latest VPI support on Drive AGX

Please provide the following info:
Hardware Platform: [DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit]
Software Version: [DRIVE Software 10]
Host Machine Version: [native Ubuntu 18.04]
SDK Manager Version: []

  1. Can current Drive AGX use VPI 0.4.4?
  2. If no, Will Drive AGX support the latest version of VPI?

In my understanding, VPI latest version is 0.4.4 as follows. There are several useful Algorithms in this release.

But, in case of Drive OS, there are few algorithms:

I think Drive AGX’s PVA/VIC is same architecture as Jetson AGX, so VPI latest version should work on Drive AGX as well.

Dear @s.sato,
VPI is not supported on DRIVE AGX. You may check using DW/NVMedia APIs for your application. Do you see any required algorithms/operations are missing in NVMedia/DW APIs?

I want to know Algorithm Backend Support on Drive AGX like attached.

In addition, we want to have Rescale, Perspective warp, Harris corner detector, Gaussian filter, etx… which works on PVA/VIC or CUDA.

If VPI is not supported on Drive AGX, how to run such kind of algorithms on PVA/VIC?

Dear @s.sato,
Could you please check <PATH_TO_DRIVESW 10.0 doc_folder>/DRIVE_Software/index.html#page/DRIVE_OS_Linux_SDK_Development_Guide/NvMedia/nvmedia_concept_vpi.html#

I know nvmedia_concept_vpi, but I can’t find Backend Support table and how to implement some algorisms on PVA/VIC. Could you let me know where I can see them?

Dear @s.sato,
All the algorithms in the Vision programming page make use of PVA as backend. Note that PVA/VIC is accessed only via NvMedia APIs. It can not be programmed directly like GPU.
If you see any functionalities are missing in APIs, Please file a bug, requesting the feature. Our Engineering team will review your request.
Please login to with your credentials. Please check MyAccount->MyBugs->Submit a new bug to file bug.
Please share ID here to follow up. Thanks

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Thanks a lot!
Could you tell me the Image Handling API’s backend? Do they run on PVA/VIC as well?

Yes. Image processing calls make use other HW accelerator like ISP, VIC.

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