Launch date for the new PTC Creo connector

Hi there,

on Wednesday 09.11.22 was it announced that a new PTC Creo connector will be released. Is there a date for the realease? Does anyone know where I can get more information?


Hello @SChris! I’ve let the dev know that you are excited about this next release! Unfortunately, I do not have a date for you just yet, but I did reach out to the devs for more information. They have some major improvements coming out in the next few months!

Hi @WendyGram :)

Thanks for your answer.
I am doing a project for university in which I would like to build something in Omniverse. I’ve been using the current connector for PTC Creo but it’s giving me problems. Searching the forum I saw that a user also had problems two months ago and posted a new topic for it, but I haven’t seen any more updates.
Do you know if the current PTC Creo connector works?

Thank you again :)

Is there any updates on this? We are also using Creo and have been trying to determine the best workflow to get our data into Omniverse. We have been unsuccessful. The best workflow would be a Creo connector. But if that is not possible currently, what is the second best way to bring our Creo data into Omniverse?

Hi scotte.

I think there is no update but you have another way to connect your Creo files with Omniverse.
There is Creo Onshape, a web-based Creo app.
More info hier: PTC OnShape also for Omniverse?