Launch failure: Process creation failure

I am new to NVidia Nsight Graphics and was trying to profile my research application. However, when running my application through Nsight, the following error in the progress Log is immediately produced:

Preparing to launch...
Launch failure: Process creation failure
Launch failed.

My application (at least seems to) run just fine regardless (even the NVIDIA Nsight Enabled overlay shows up), however, there are no further log entries. I have tried multiple desktop environments and compositor combinations without any effect.

Is there an option to enable more verbose output on what exactly failed during the process creation?

System details:

  • Linux: 5.9.10 (Arch Linux)
  • NVidia driver: 455.46.02-1
  • Nsight: 2020.6

Thanks for your feedback on Nsight Graphics and I’m sorry you ran into this issue. Please note that the Arch Linux flavor of Linux is not one that we currently support with Nsight Graphics. Please see the Linux section here for a list of Linux flavors we support.

In any case if you would like to share your app with us then we could do some limited investigation to see what could be wrong. You can send me an email at to discuss further.