Launch timeouts


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Launch Timouts

I got the same “the launch timed out and was terminated” error mentioned in the above thread as my kernal execution time exceeded 5s.

The problem is that my kernal actually needs lot more than 5 sec to complete as it is computationally intensive and uses large arrays.

Is it possible to change the watchdog timer of xp to allow the kernal to run for a long time? Is there any other solution other than this ?

Thanks in advance…

You cannot change the watchdog timeout. Best option is to buy a second card for computation.

If we have the 2 cards connected, then does it behave like a single card and use the processors from both the cards ?

No each card is a separate CUDA device

You may buy cheap card, and connect monitor to it. No need to have same cards.

If you buy 2nd same card and want to use both for computation(it is possible but you will have to handle that in your code), you will experience the same problem.