Launcher used to open up to: News Library Exchange... now log in screen

Something has happened and I can’t see any apps, just a log in screen with a spinning icon on “Log In”.

I never saw this before. The funny part is I thought my Windows PC was whacked somehow so I installed on an Ubuntu machine and I see the same thing, which makes me think it’s on NVIDIA’s server side. Also, I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times.

If I go to localhost:3080 I see things are running

I’m newbie so I really don’t understand how all this stuff interacts.

Thanks in advance,

Sort of resolved. I found that after I’d run the launcher-cleanup and rebooted, (hint: it didn’t clean up everything) on reboot the omniverse log in screen was staring at me. I tried to log me back in to omniverse but it wanted me to CREATE an account. i…e When I go to nvidia log in screen it makes me create a new ID because otherwise it says that ID already exists.

Not sure how to deal, but I created a new account just to stop staring at the same log in screen.