LCD with eDP interface blinking issue

We used an 15.6 inch eDP interface lcd for Jetson nano board,the eDP LCD has two lanes : lane0 and lane1, aux_ch, hpd, we use the Jetson Nano Board’s DP port for testing,connect eDP lcd’s lane0 , lane1, aux_ch, hpd, and vdd to carrier board DP port’s LANE0, LANE1, AUX, HPD, and PWR, LCD’s backlight always on, after system power on, display is OK,but the picture blinking every few minutes (with uncertain intervals),eDP LCD panel is OK,connect to another display board(Not Jetson nano) with eDP port,display is good,no blinking all in time. please help,Thank you

I am moving this topic to the Jetson forums for visibility.

fowllowing the same type of 15.6 inch screen, the first screen (dclk=145MHz) displays OK, and the second screen (dclk=138.78MHz) will blinking

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

hi kayccc

 We have found that by first connecting to a normal eDP screen and then replacing it with this problematic screen (which didn't power down during the period),read out the two screens' parameters, and choose the first, it can be displayed normally. The display information is shown in the attached image. Therefore, please guide us to update the screen parameters to the Ubuntu driver and that should fix them, which should solve the problem. Thank you!