Leaf spring screw shoulder below keepout area

When combining the 3D data of the Jetson Orin Nano and 3D data of the leaf spring listed as a thermal accessory in the supported component list, the shoulder of the screws is below the top surface of the keepout area. As far as I can tell the Xavier NX used these shoulders to define the distance between the SOC and the cooling surface and therefore the gap for the thermal interface material. I don’t see how this is possible here as mounting a flat plane on these shoulders would intrude into the keepout area and engineering a part that respects the keepout area would in my mind be overly complex and fragile for its purpose. Please view screenshots for illustration.

(3D data for leaf spring was provided by the manufacturer support and bent flat to reflect the installed state)

How is the cooling solution intended to be mounted?
What are the risks of intruding into the keepout area?
And is it possible that in the future changes are made to the module that would change position or size of larger components inside the keepout area?

My idea is to measure on a real life sample where the components actually are and intrude into the keepout area where I don’t see a danger of collision. But I guess ignoring usage guidelines brings its risks.

Context: We are developing a custom spacer and cooling solution for the module.

Thanks in advance and best regards

Hi, can you share a screenshot of whole parts that can illustrate your question more clear? I don’t get what you mean here, sorry for that.

The assembly in the image consists of the Jetson Orin NX/Nano 3D Model and the leaf spring with its screws. I switched the model of the Orin to transparent so the screws are still visible. Hope this helps!

The measurement in my original post is taken from the area marked in red.

Hi, the 3D CAD file (STP format) is just to show an envelope that the board components will not exceed. It is not a existed heat sink. Any heat sink should be designed to not intrude into the envelope.

Thank you for the fast response!

Yes I am aware about the purpose of the envelope and that it is not a physical heat sink. Thing is if I design a heat sink around the envelope it will look something like this with these small protruding cylinders:

Official heat sinks from Nvidia do not have that though as you can see under the following link:

It is mounted to a flat plane. But as far as I can tell this would intrude into the keepout envelope.

There is no official heat sinks. It is from Auvidea. You can check that with vendors. The envelope is just the limit, custom design should based on real use case.

Besides the leaf spring and its screws there is also an fan heatsink listed in the supported component list which is provided by Nvidia. Which is what I mean by official. To be fair the P/N in my Auvidea example doesn’t match the P/N in the list but combining the 3D data of the supported component from the list still shows a collision with the keepout envelope as marked in red in the image.

But the issue is therefore resolved for me. Thanks for the help!

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