Leak Swap Memory when have much cameras

I using RTX 2 card 2080i
I’m trying measure performance when add 41 camera. Separate run two application for each GPUs, like 20 Camera run on GPU 0 and 21 camera run on GPU 1 (I also tried add 41 camera for one GPU and test).

The swap memory increase one each time make the performance slow down. Is it normal which have limit camera? If I tried less than 30 camera, the swap memory is stable. So but why when I tried separate half of source camera for each GPU also the leak swap memory?

Note: I used multifilesink for pipeline.

Hi Trild-vietnam,
Sorry for late response!

can you reproduce this issue if replacing mutifilesink with fakesink?

I think this should be caused by frequent file writing. In Linux OS, to improve disk WRITE performance, it normally cache the WRITE data in memory firstly, when memory is shortage, the data may be put in swap. You could find many such articles in Network, e.g. https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/30286/can-i-configure-my-linux-system-for-more-aggressive-file-system-caching. You could find some solution in the article.


Hello @mchi,
I tried fakesink too, and that’s right, the swap memory is not leak, cause by multifilesink. I will focus on the topic link you gave.

Thank you!!!