Learn graphics processing chip on smartphones - GPU PowerVR

On smartphones, GPUs (graphics processing chips) and CPUs are integrated together on a system called SoC.
SoC (system-on-a-chip) is an electronic system built on a silicon base with the original idea of ​​integrating all components of a computer system onto a single chip. To make it easier to understand, a computer system is scaled down in an integrated circuit, including the CPU central processing chip, GPU graphics chip, and other drivers.

We often say GPU - graphics chip, so what is it? How effective? Why is it needed? The GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit is a specialized processor that receives acceleration and graphics processing tasks for the central CPU. The GPU is used to handle 3D games and applications. The CPU also supports calculation (especially for 3D games) but the executor is the graphics chip.
Most graphics chips also support 2D image processing in a number of functions like zooming and processing of computer graphics (animation). CPUs also often handle these tasks so depending on the operating system of the device that the GPU is involved in 2D image processing or not.
Graphics processing unit GPU PowerVR
The use of the GPU depends on many factors: the SoC architecture and the operating system used on the device. With many different manufacturers of mobile chips, there are many different GPU lines built into those chips. For example, Imagination Technologies PowerVR GPU - the second largest manufacturer of mobile graphics chips.

The imagination technology lineup of imagination Technologies is used quite a lot on smartphones running Mediatek, Exynos chips from Samsung or on Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

There are many PowerVR GPU series but current devices often use PowerVR SGX 5, 5XT and above.

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