Learning CUDA

Is possible install sdk in windows system without cuda video card capable? First, i downloaded cuda toolkit 3.2 and try to install at my machine but i got a error “Hardware not found” or something like that.

Even I want to know that whether is it possible to write CUDA codes on a machine without a CUDA enabled Graphics card.

I read somewhere that it is possible to run the code in emulation mode, but I cant figure out how.

I installed CUDA 3.2 toolkit, but on running the visual profiler I get “Unable to load ‘nvcuda’ library”, which I found thru google is as expected.

I then downloaded the SDK, but I cant run any of the examples from the SDK browser. Is it also expected?

Please help.

It is possible using ocelot. However, unless when you are on a notebook with no expandability, I’d really recommend getting at least a cheap CUDA capable card instead.