Learning how to design in isaac sim

I am a software engineer and have next to zero knowledge of 3D design in any software. I do have some grasp of URDF.

I am creating a hobby mobile robot project from some scrap parts.

I was beginning to explore FreeCAD, when it occured to me that I could also design it in Isaac directly.

I also learned that I could import STEP files into Isaac.

My question is: where are some good learning materials on how to design directly in Isaac Sim? I found some basic docs and a couple of YouTube videos. Seems like I would have to piece together from a bunch of sources.

Is it better to design it in FreeCAD and export it?

Hi sameh4,
please check out our latest release and documentation that could probably help you.

Yes, the idea is that you design your robot in cad and then for importing CAD model, I think the best path is to have your model in Onshape, and import it from there. Onshape importer — Omniverse Robotics documentation