LED Flickering on recording

Hi. I am solving a video flickering effect when capturing video (see the link above).


I have already tested the NvMediaIPPPropertyControls->NvMediaIPPAeAntiFlickerMode but it shows no difference at all. Is this property still supported? Because this control structure has several properties deprecated such as NvMediaISCExposureControl and NvMediaIPPAeAntiFlickerMode.

Is there a different approach I can use to solve this? I want to try the sensor flicker reduction as it is mentioned in the following post:


Is this still not supported or can be developed over samples/nvmedia/ext_dev_prgm? Keeping in mind that the HDR and this LFM are not compatible (simultaneously) with the sensor.


Hello abraham.arias,

we are checking it internally.

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To enable the LFM mode we need to disable HDR and configure the Linear mode. We did using the NvMediaISCDeviceRead call and also modifying the ext_dev_prgm example to create a new libnv_extimgdev.so.

If this is an erroneous behavior from the sensor. Is it possible to share the NvMedia isc_sensor_setting.h content with the manufacturer to obtain help debugging the sensor configuration?


Hi, just checking if there is any update.
I still configuring the LFM mode through the ext_dev_prgm example without success.


Hi abraham.arias,
sorry for the late response.

Unfortunately, NVIDIA does not plan to customize the driver to support LFM mode of the sensor for the full image pipeline, which includes image quality.
Customers can modify the driver to appropriately support the mode for their needs, but will also have to implement custom AE and AWB plugins

Should we modify this driver with the Sensor Input Processing Library (SIPL) or the samples/nvmedia/ext_dev_prgm/ example?


Hi abraham.arias,
Please start with the ‘ext_dev_prgm’ to make the changes you need.
You can then transition to SIPL in the future, as needed.
SIPL will be the LTS imaging framework for your needs.