LED warning light for Jetson Nanon

Hi, I would like to add a LED warning light on a jetson nano and when an event occurs, the board can turn on the LED warning light. The jetson nano also includes a camera module recording all time. An example of LED warning light is this one.

Any clue?


This should be posted in the Jetson category, I will move it over to the Nano forum so support has visibility.

Tom K

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Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

Hi @kayccc, yes, I still need help on that. Thanks

What interface do you want to use?

Is such example helpful for your case?

I need to trigger a bigger light visible few meters away even under poor visibility conditions. I was thinking about this kind of light. Snap-in LED Red 3-6 Volt for Raspberry Pi rack mount - MyElectronics. Iā€™m wondering if Jetson Nano can handle such component. Wrt the interface, it could use both GPIO or USB interface.

GPIO should handle that.

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