Legacy 390.xx release for 5.1 kernel


Are there any plans or roadmaps for the 390.xx legacy release drivers to support the 5.1 kernel without a patch in place?


Nathan Zachary

I am also newly having trouble getting the Legacy device (GeForce) driver ver. 390.116 to compile with Linux. In my case Fedora 29 kernel 5.1.11-200.fc29.x86_64. Compilation of the driver sources unpacked from the …run file fails for some source files, for (at least) 2 reasons):

  1. a new function name collision with some Linux kernel usage: list_is_first()
  2. errors in signedness agreement - signed vs. unsigned - in some assignments and initializations (as can be seen in the build error log - usually /var/log/nvidia-installer.log)

The first is easily fixed by adding a uniquifying prefix on that name in nVidia source code. Add an “nv_” prefix to the declaration of the static inline list_is_first() in nv-list-helpers.h, and the one place it is called in uvm8_range_tree.c.

The 2nd is harder to know what to do; signed vs. unsigned miscorrespondences have a horrible tendency to percolate all through code, in long chains of repairs and are best addressed by someone supporting (and knowing) the code.

There have been some articles about patching the 390.116 drivers to work with the 5.1 kernels:

Hopefully, though, nvidia will release working drivers since the 5.0 kernels are EoL.

Patch : https://pkgs.rpmfusion.org/cgit/nonfree/nvidia-kmod.git/patch/?id=aaeb0b320da06062578c0ef41cb2c1ecdc7a500c