lenovo P51 nvidia driver 384.90 the FPS is only about 60 FPS in Discrete Graphics mode , but 13800 ...

Hi :
as the title written, we have used the tool glxgear to test the FPS value in lenovo P51 platform with RHEL 7.4 , we found the in Discrete Graphics mode (nvidia VGA only), the FPS is about 60 FPS, but in Hybrid Graphics mode (nvidia and intel VGA), the FPS is about 13700 FPS.

please check the attach pictures for detail information

can someone has the same problem?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (182 KB)


It seems that you are running without PRIME Sync. Running PRIME without sync capability is expected to result in OpenGL applications failing to sync to vblank.

Looking at the bug report, it seems that all of the system requirements for PRIME Sync are present, so the only additional requirement should be loading the nvidia-drm kernel module with parameter modeset=1. This can be tested by running “sudo rmmod nvidia-drm; sudo modprobe nvidia-drm modeset=1” without X running. If it works, it can be made persistent by adding “nvidia-drm.modeset=1” to the kernel command line.


Ryan Park