Lenovo Y700 NVidia Performance


I am struggling with laptop Lenovo Y700 with NVidia GTX 960M on Linux operating system. Performance of this hardware is terrible on linux while being really good on windows.

I can play GTA IV on Windows with full 60 fps without a problem, while I cannot play even Counter Strike: GO on Linux because I have only like ~20fps.

I am using NVidia-367 driver (tried few different versions though). I have tried it with prime-select and with bumblebee (and I changed driver links and name in /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf to newest ones) but still performance is terrible. Also changing details in game does not really change anything maybe +/- 3fps from 1920x1080 and everything on max to 800x600 and everything to lowest so I believe there is some bottleneck or bug that is limiting performance.

I though it could be because of how bumblebee works, but I uninstalled it and selected NVidia card as main with prime-select, rebooted and then launched CS:GO but still no change.

This also affects other games, League of Legends also works like it would use 10% of my hardware (around 25-30fps).

I’ve tried searching solution on different hours but nobody answered me. I’ve checked thousand times my bubmlebee configs, glxinfo’s, glxgears and such but in real game there is some performance leak.