Leopard Imaging Inc. released the IMX219 module for Jetson Nano

Leopard Imaging Inc. released the IMX219 module for Jetson Nano.

Website: https://leopardimaging.com/product/li-imx219-mipi-ff-nano/
Specs: https://leopardimaging.com/uploads/LI-IMX219-MIPI-FF-NANO_SPEC.pdf
Part#: LI-IMX219-MIPI-FF-H90 / LI-IMX219-MIPI-FF-H135 / LI-IMX219-MIPI-FF-H145

Please feel free to contact support@leopardimaging.com if there are any questions.

This look like an amazing module, does it exists in 180fov fisheye as well ?

But the shipping costs are way too high ! Especially for europe, nothing under 100$ …

Hi baramuse,
Thanks for your interest in our camera modules. Unfortunately, we don’t have fov180 lens for IMX219 module yet.
We have distributor Macnica in Europe. The module can be purchased from Macnica with less shipping cost.

Hi Simon,

thank you for your answer, I got in contact with macnica, seems it is going to be hard to only get one test device…

Do you have any plan releasing a 180x180 ? That would be awesome to get a good affordable 360 camera module for indoor coverage !

Best regards.

Hi baramuse,

Unfortunately, we don’t have plan to build the FOV180 module at this moment. You can contact our support (support@leopardimaging.com) for this request or leave your Email address here. We will put your Email address in our list and will let you know once there is any update.