lets pretend a vGPU card goes bad.

what happens when i pull one card out… and lets say there are only 2 left from a total of 3.

Is there any way to tell what users are attached to what specific card ?.. assuming all cards are in the Same esxi host ?

So i have 3 cards in one host. Once card goes bad… I down the server take the dead card out.

Only 2 left. now what ?.. users on the dead card have the vGPU driver but no K2 card ?.. from what i have seen this is allowed to work… they just don’t gain the benefit of the physical card… the vGPU drivers appears to still let the user in if there is no card.

sorry probably answering my own question - probably pull the dead card… goto CLI on the esxi host… use the nvidia-smi to see who actually is still on ?

that the best way probably ?

will vcenter show me somehow who is attached to a card or not ?.. sort VDI’s by memory use maybe ?..see who has it all reserved ?

thanks much

vCenter / Horizon Manager does not give you this information
You can obtain it via Nvidia-smi

XenServer will give you a visual representation of which VM’s are attached to which GPU.