Letter of Volatility for Orin NX

Hi We need to prepare a letter of volatility for Orin NX and you do not provide any such documentation. I am not able to find more details on below:

1)I2C EEPROM @0x50 - How to erase this EEPROM, is it allowed to erase this EEPROM? because if we erase the data, board may not flash or boot.
or if this EEPROM is erased accidentally, how to restore the factory date?

2)QSPI - What is the size of QSPI memory, how to access it to read write or erase it?

I am asking these questions because our customer want to use the Orin NX and want to completely erase all the memory on the SOM or Carrier board and NVMe to sanitize it. do you have a method to sanitize?
Please advice.

Duplicated with Jetson Orin NX Memory details - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Orin NX - NVIDIA Developer Forums, please don’t open similar topic in short time.

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