Letter of Volatility for TX2i

How can I get a letter of volatility for the TX2i module?

The Letter of volatility needs to include:

  1. list of the components with volatile and non-volatile memory
  2. what information gets stored in them
  3. how can the information can be erased or “sanitized”



Hi, please refer to below two docs:



Hi Trumany,
I looked through the documents provided because I am in need of the letter of volatility as well. I do not think the documentation provides the details needed (for example, how much storage is in the EEPROM, is it user accessible). I sent in a ticket to request this information (210113-000180 ) but they directed me to contact you in the forum to request the needed information. I can provide a template for the information I need if that helps.


Please share your list. But please note, maybe not all answers of that can be shared.

I have attached a template document that has the types of information I am looking for.
Certificate of Volatility Template.docx (41.4 KB)

We don’t provide such cert for single component in module as it should be covered by cert of whole module as you can find in the regulatory package, such as P3310_ENV.pdf.

Hi Trumany. The regulatory package addresses power and frequency verifications for the device. I do not see anything that specifies types of memory or storage size.
The data sheet specifies that is has RAM and can accept USB or eMMC storage, but does it have a BIOS, storage controller, boot ROM, or other embedded microcontrollers? And if so what is their storage size and what types of information do they store? If you cannot provide that information can you provide a PCB board layout or a bill of materials for the board so I can figure it out myself?

No external BIOS, storage controller and others as you said. The PCB file and BOM of module is not public either.

Do you meet any issue that need such info? In general, customer only need to follow the OEM DG and reference schematic of carrier board to make their own design. What we can provide are all in DLC.