Letter of Volatility (LoV) for the Jetson AGX Xavier Product

I am looking for guidance to obtain a letter of volatility (LoV) - sometimes called a statement or certificate of volatility for NVIDIA’s Jetson AGX Xavier GPU.

This generally includes the following information:

  1. list of all volatile and non-volatile memory components or locations
  2. nature of data that is stored in the memory
  3. whether the memory is accessible by the user
  4. how the data can be erased or sanitized

Thank you

No such doc is provided. What we can provide are all in Regulatory and Compliance doc in DLC.

Ok thank you for the response. We will create a LoV for our portion of the product. Just note that our document will state “We reached out to NVIDIA for their Letter of Volatility for the Jetson AGX Xavier product. They would not provide this information or document to us. Please feel free to reach out to NVIDIA directly if this information is mandatory.”