Level of detail of Micro-mesh

I’m interested in the Micro-mesh.
I watched the video, Getting Started with Compressed Micro-Meshes,
Getting Started with Compressed Micro-Meshes | NVIDIA On-Demand

How can it control the level of detail of micro-mesh, like at 11:44 in the video?
Is it possible to change the level of detail depending on the distance in real-time during ray tracing?
Could you let me know some samples or proper API using shader?
I couldn’t find any reference from the code (GitHub - NVIDIAGameWorks/Displacement-MicroMap-Toolkit).

Or can I set some options to change the level of detail depending on the object distance in the micro-mesh toolbox program?

Hi there @h_j_m, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Thanks for your interest in our micro-mesh implementation.

I am not certain that the original contributors check these forums much, did you try to reach out through the Github Issues pages or the E-Mail alias they set up for this? You might get quicker replies that way.