LI-JXAV-MIPI-ADPT 4CAM holding deser board in reset on channel 2 with kirkstone based firmware

We have been using LI-JXAV-MIPI-ADPT 4CAM on the Xavier platform with gatesgarth based firmware and have no issues communicating with the deserializer board on any of the four channels.

With kirkstone based firmware the deserializer board connected to the second channel cannot be communicated with. I2C conversations all fail with a NACK. I’ve connected a signal analyzer and the I2C conversations leading up to the NACK are identical.

The same deserializer can be moved to another port and works fine.

Probing the test points on the deserializer board I see that the RST test point is at 1.8V if the deserializer board is connected to J1, J3, or J4, but is held low on J2.

Anyone run into this issue moving to kirkstone?

Could you check if any advice for this topic.


Which camera and deserializer board are you using?
If possible, could you take a picture about the entire camera kit for us?

We are using LI-TI954-IPX-DESER V1.0 with LI-IMX490-FPDLINKIII-M12-NL camera.


I have attached pictures. We are using LI-IMX490-FPDLINKIII-M12-NL camera and LI-TI954-IPX-DESER V1.0 deserializer board.


(Attachment 20220613_085008.jpg is missing)

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Thanks for the pictures. We have Xavier driver for IMX490-FPDLINKIII. Please download it from link below. With this driver, each TI954 adapter only supports one IMX490-FPDLINKIII (instead of 2 in your picture). We don’t have driver which supports dual IMX490 camera yet.

Adding the following to the device tree under gpio@2200000 fixed it

                rst-deser1 {
                        gpios = <TEGRA194_MAIN_GPIO(H,6) 0x00>;
                        label = "rst-deser1";
                        status = "okay";
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