LI-M021C-MIPI Camera on TX1 with L4T 28.1

We’ve been trying to get gstreamer working for us, on the following set-up:
–Elroy Carrier by ConnectTech
–LI-M021C-MIPI cameras by Leopard Imaging

Working on L4T 24.2.1, we got to the point that we can get Bayer images running v4l2 but when attempting to run gstreamer, including nvgstcapture, it fails. Since the kernel update, we want to move on and get gstreamer, argus, etc working on our setup.

We seem to be missing something. We understand that v4l does not involve the ISP, but that gstreamer and argus do. I have seen some discussions on other threads that allude to modifying the ISP. I am trying to find out what are all the things we need to do to get the camera working. So far, we have done these two things, and we are therefore able to get images using v4l2:
– write a camera driver
– write the device tree entry for the camera

From other threads, it appears that we also need to:
– write a mode table
– modify the ISP

First of all, is there anything else we need to do, or does this cover all the steps to getting the camera working with gstreamer and argus?

Second, where do the mode tables go when compiling the kernel and are there examples we can look at?

Third, how do we modify the ISP, which files are affected by the modifications, where are they, and are there examples we can look at?

Finally, are there any other places where we write settings (I have seen camera_common mentioned - what and where is this?), or files that need to get compiled, to get our camera to work with gstreamer and argus?

So to recap:
– Our camera hardware is working, and we get images using v4l2
– We have been trying unsuccessfully to get gstreamer to work on L4T 24.2.1 and now we want to move on to L4T 28.1 and get gstreamer and argus working
– Our camera driver and device tree entry seem to be fine, but we have no idea how to modify the ISP, or if there are other steps, e.g. writing a mode tree, changing camera_common, or anything else

Our camera input goes into the CSI2 ports, this is MIPI, and we have two of them on our robot.

Perhaps there is some documentation or a guide on how to do this. I haven’t been able to find one, but would be glad if someone could point me to one. If anyone can answer any piece of this, that would be a start.

Hi somerled,

We have a driver of our IMX274 camera based on L4T 28.1 TX1 (or Jetpack 3.1) on Nvidia EVA kit. You can download the driver patch from the setup guide in link below and refer to the code to work on the M021 camera. Hope it helps.
[url]Dropbox - File Deleted