Libargus Functions to Set Camera Parameters

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This is a very simple question about whether or not there is a sample code or demo that sets camera paremeters such as gain, shutter speed, exposure MANUALLY (not auto exposure) during the initialisation of a camera?

I am using Jetson TX2 libargus functions already so would be good if it came from here. Any links to the documentation for these functions would be much appreciated.

Additionally I am using the yuvJPeg to write jpeg frames to disk using the Frame Consumer object. Is there a way to write other formats (such as RAW) and what would be the best implementation for that? Is there documentation on the yuvJPeg sample?

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Have a reference to argus_camera to set the gain/exposure range for it. And reference to …/jetson_multimedia_api/argus/samples/cudaBayerDemosaic for the RAW capture.