Libargus memory type

What is the actual memory type of the buffers produced by libargus. The sample code shows the buffer can be accessed by GPU so are they GPU device memory or Pinned memory, or Managed memory?

Which sample code you reference to?

Hi @ShaneCCC,
For example, in below example

        CUDA_RESOURCE_DESC cudaResourceDesc;
        memset(&cudaResourceDesc, 0, sizeof(cudaResourceDesc));
        cudaResourceDesc.resType = CU_RESOURCE_TYPE_ARRAY;
        cudaResourceDesc.res.array.hArray = cudaEGLFrame.frame.pArray[0];
        CUsurfObject cudaSurfObj = 0;
        cuResult = cuSurfObjectCreate(&cudaSurfObj, &cudaResourceDesc);
        if (cuResult != CUDA_SUCCESS)
            ORIGINATE_ERROR("Unable to create the surface object (CUresult %s)",

        printf("Calculating histogram with %d bins...\n", HISTOGRAM_BINS);
        float time = histogram(cudaSurfObj, cudaEGLFrame.width, cudaEGLFrame.height,

The EGL frame can be passed to cuda kernels, what kind if memory type it is?


hello dk1900,

it’s connect CUDA to EGLStream as a consumer, please also refer to CUDA toolkit documentation for more details,