Libargus - Multiple CSI cameras still show same module string

Just bumping this issue as it’s still a problem in JP5.1

While someone is looking at this, the Argus.h types specify a MAX_UUID_NAME_SIZE of 32 bytes but the sensor placement strings are longer than this. Please could someone increase the limit or decrease the length of the names?

J5.1.1 should have the fixed.


The moduleString bug is indeed fixed in 5.1.1, but

const uint32_t MAX_UUID_NAME_SIZE = 32;

is still present in Argus/UUID.h, while the UUIDs in Argus/Types.h have names which are longer than 32 bytes.

Suppose yes.
Please follow the MAX_UUID_NAME_SIZE

Is this aimed at me? The libargus headers maintained by nvidia need to be updated?

I mean the size is enough. Why do you need longer strings?

These UUID definitions are in the file supplied by nvidia (in file /usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api/include/Argus/Types.h):

DEFINE_UUID(SensorPlacement, SENSOR_PLACEMENT_REAR_OR_BOTTOM_OR_BOTTOM_LEFT, 01dba8b0,1946,11eb,8b6f,08,00,20,0c,9a,66);
DEFINE_UUID(SensorPlacement, SENSOR_PLACEMENT_FRONT_OR_TOP_OR_CENTER_LEFT,   01dba8b1,1946,11eb,8b6f,08,00,20,0c,9a,66);
DEFINE_UUID(SensorPlacement, SENSOR_PLACEMENT_CENTER_OR_CENTER_RIGHT,        01dba8b2,1946,11eb,8b6f,08,00,20,0c,9a,66);
DEFINE_UUID(SensorPlacement, SENSOR_PLACEMENT_TOP_LEFT,                      01dba8b3,1946,11eb,8b6f,08,00,20,0c,9a,66);
DEFINE_UUID(SensorPlacement, SENSOR_PLACEMENT_BOTTOM_RIGHT,                  01dba8b4,1946,11eb,8b6f,08,00,20,0c,9a,66);
DEFINE_UUID(SensorPlacement, SENSOR_PLACEMENT_TOP_RIGHT,                     01dba8b5,1946,11eb,8b6f,08,00,20,0c,9a,66);
DEFINE_UUID(SensorPlacement, SENSOR_PLACEMENT_UNKNOWN,                       01dba8b6,1946,11eb,8b6f,08,00,20,0c,9a,66);

Clearly SENSOR_PLACEMENT_REAR_OR_BOTTOM_OR_BOTTOM_LEFT is 46 characters which is longer than 32. This means that when you print this enum using getName(), it will be truncated to 32 characters (SENSOR_PLACEMENT_REAR_OR_BOTTOM_) which I doubt is the desired behaviour?

The moduleString bug is fixed any reason to use getName()?

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