Libargus will not start without DisplayPort connected


When using Jetpack 4.4, we are trying to startup libargus on a Xavier motherboard which lacks a DisplayPort or display connector of any kind. This is an embedded board and no display connection can be added. libargus won’t start because of the missing display.

We tried to work-around the libargus startup issue by setting up a dummy virtual display in the X config file, but we end up with these error messages:

nvbuf_utils: Could not get EGL display connection
nvbufsurftransform: Could not get EGL display connection
stdbuf exited with status code 255

Is there any sort of work-around to allow libargus to startup?

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Have you export DISPLAY=:0 or DISPLAY=:1 ?

When we do that we get the following crash from argus. We will see if we can slim down the initialization code to simplify the output.

Many Additional Errors deleted prior to the crash, but there seems to be a huge cascade of problems which ends up with argus crashing.

camera_driver createStream succeeded
camera_driver createBuffers called
(Argus) Error BadParameter: No EGLDisplay (in src/api/EGLImageBufferImpl.cpp, function initialize(), line 66)
(Argus) Error BadParameter:  (propagating from src/api/BufferOutputStreamImpl.cpp, function createEGLImageBuffer(), line 210)
(Argus) Error InvalidState: Buffer deleted while in use by a capture (in src/api/BufferOutputStreamImpl.cpp, function bufferDeleted(), line 322)
(Argus) Error BadParameter:  (propagating from src/api/BufferOutputStreamImpl.cpp, function createBuffer(), line 144)
Failed to get iBuffer
1             0x405204 segfaultHandler(int) + 52
2         0x7fa6b8e6c0 __kernel_rt_sigreturn + 0
3         0x7f50ba4ca8 glGenFramebuffersEXT + 48

(Argus) Objects still active during exit: [CameraProvider (0x1c2b8f50): refs: 2, cref: 1]
stdbuf exited with status code 1


Even without monitor, the argus and Xorg should be still able to run. But this may differ case by case.
Could you use the original jetpack with argus sample and check again?

Please check if xorg and nvgpu driver exist or not.