Libargus with jetson TX2: Bins size


I’m using Nvidia TX2 and libargus API, I’m interested in gathering some image information like BayerAverageMap data, my question is if it is possible to change the size of acquired bins which are by default 32 x 16 px and also to set the number of desired bins.

Thank you so much in advance for any reply.

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hello machour,

may I know what’s your expectation to configure the number of desired bins?

please refer to documentation, Argus::Ext::IBayerAverageMap. it’s generated averages cover the majority of the full image.
it uses internal APIs to acquired the size of each bin, in pixels.
const Size2D<uint32_t> binSize = iBayerAverageMap->getBinSize();
and, the number of bins in both the horizontal (width) and vertical (height) directions.
const Size2D<uint32_t> binCount = iBayerAverageMap->getBinCount();

Hello Jerry,
Thank so much for your reply, yes I’ve already checked that demo, but I would like to know if I can make a configuration so to obtain average information of some customized areas, for example instead of gathering averages for all 6464 bins, acquire only the average of a customized rectangle of 6432 px in the center of the image.

hello machour,

you cannot do that with BayerAverageMap samples, it gets metadata from the camera stream to obtain the statistic data.
instead, please use the sample, Argus/samples/cudaHistogram, you may modify the CUDA sources to select the interest region for the statistic data.

Sorry for the late reply, thank you so much for your help.