for aarch64 is missing

I installed Jetpack 3.3 on my x64 Ubuntu host box.

However, even though it installed shared libraries for libcuda and libcufft for x64, it did not do the same for aarch64.

How can I install these shared libraries for arm64 on my x64 host box?

The reason I didn’t want the Jetpack installer to install stuff directly to my Jetson is that it will blow away the stuff I already have on there by flashing a new Linux OS version.


Do you want the aarch64 CUDA libraries on your host?
If yes, you can install the CUDA toolkit for host from JetPack.
(It’s required, only the toolkit from JetPack includes aarch64 libraries.)

And you can find the device libraries in ‘/usr/local/cuda/targets/aarch64-linux’.