libnsight/nsight: no such file or folder

Hello , I am using Sabayon linux and I have instaled cuda toolkit 5.0.
I can’t find a way though to use/install nsight eclipse.

The only thing I found (file “NsightEclipse.xml”) was in directories where the examples are,like:


So, I don’t have Nsight installed?I am trying to download from here but it gives me Access Denied.

Is there a way to install it through eclipse?Like we do for c++,python etc?

Thank you!

Nsight EE is a part of the CUDA toolkit since 5.0. “nsight” executable should be in the same folder where you have nvcc.

Hello ,

my nvcc is in /opt/cuda/bin ,but there is no nsight as I said above.

Can I do sth for that? How can I download it because the link above says access denied.

Did you install CUDA toolkit from

No,I installed it through my repositories (I use sabayon)


Hmm…Maybe the nsight is available only from cuda toolkit 5.5? Or 5.0?

Nsight Eclipse Edition is available in CUDA Toolkit 5.0. I would like to suggest installing the CUDA toolkit from NVIDIA-provided package.

Ok ,thank you.

I installed the toolkit 5.5 now and in /opt/cuda/bin it contains the ‘nsight’ file.

When i do ./nsight it gives me:

./nsight: line 3: /opt/cuda/bin/../libnsight/nsight: no such file or folder

Anything I can do?


Do you have the file in question (/opt/cuda/libnsight/nsight)?

Hmm…No…I haven’t the folder libnsight…

I must mention that I have the file ‘nsight’ in /opt/cuda/bin.

So, I must download the toolkit from nvidia?I am afraid if I will have problems with my setup as it is right now.

Your toolkit package was altered so Nsight and some other tools may not work as expected. It is recommended that you use official CUDA Toolkit package available on NVIDIA web site.

I can’t find a source package for cuda toolkit (because I use sabayon linux).

Do you know if it exist?

Please check this page - - for CUDA Toolkit packages for supported Linux distributions.

I checked that ,that’s why I asked if you know if a source package exists.

Anyway,I will see what I will do.

Thank you.