Async Send Never Calls Callback

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  • Configure one of the DeepStream reference/test apps to make use of gst-nvdsmsgbroker in order to send messages to a Kafka topic (after creating the topic in Kafka first and making sure it’s up and running, of course)
  • Run the application (making sure payloads are being generated and sent to the plugin)
  • Note no errors, but nothing appears in topic

I’m using the reference “deepstream-app” application for this.

I’ve also put in nvds_log entries into the library as well as putting some g_print statements into the gst-nvdsmsgbroker plugin and it bears out what I said: All appropriate async send code is sent, but the Kafka client never calls back to the callback passed in by gst-nvdsmsgbroker. I’ve set the nvds log level to DEBUG and it doesn’t show any errors, either.

In other words, rd_kafka_producev is called and returns just fine, but the callback that’s passed in is never used, and no events show up in the specified Kafka topic.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

As it turns out, the issue was a result of my Kafka cluster running on a separate network as the container running the DeepStream reference app: The app was set to use the Docker host on the right port, but then the Kafka container/service name couldn’t be correctly resolved.

Thanks for the update.

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