Libnvds_nvdcf segfaulting on NV_Init

• x86_64 Ubuntu 18.04
• Deepstream 4.0
• Driver 430.64
• CUDA 10.1


I’m having trouble calling the low level tracker libraries NV_Init on the library. When I try to call it, I get a segmentation fault.

Here is an example code that I have written utilizing the CMAKE build system: Link to download code

The odd thing is that if I were to load up the tracker, it works fine.

Hey, It should work. In addition, we have some fix on DCF tracker on DS 5.0. would you mind to upgrade to DS 5.0 and give a try

Hey @bcao,

I finally upgraded but am facing this issue: DCF Tracker REFUSING to work while using low level library

The same issue was happening on 4.0 when it happened to work sometimes.

Ok, let’s close this topic and track the issue there

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