Hi Nvidia team,
My board is Nvidia Jetson Xavier.
I tried to use sudo apt-get purge xxxx, and sudo apt-get install rpm, but I get an issue as:
Do you know what causes this? Thanks a lot.
Currently, I suspect that the problem may be caused because I have installed another version of CUDA (11.4) on to the jetson board?

hello luzhaoning,

it looks you’re having incorrect package installed. I can simply install rpm package on my platform without failures.
may I know which JetPack release you’re working on, please check release tag for confirmation, $ cat /etc/nv_tegra_release
you should also consider to re-install JetPack release by NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer.

Hi Jerry,
Thanks for the reply. The jetpack I’m using is 4.5.1.
I don’t have a ubuntu PC, can I use a virtual machine with an Ubuntu system to act as a host PC? So that I can connect with the SDK Manager? Thanks in advance!

hello luzhaoning,

it usually comes out USB port communication issue when using a virtual machine.
as I knew, this only possible on VMWare Workstation, you can flash with a VM by forward the USB device of the Jetson from the host.
in the other hands, if you don’t have enough hardware, dual-booting is much more reliable.