I’m compiling a thrid party software package using OpenCV on the TX1 (fresh install, ROS Indigo).
For one of the modules I get the error message
*** No rule to make target /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/', needed by …/bin/videoStitch’. Stop.
I have successfully linked the provided opencv4tegra shared lib to the requested directory, but I can’t find something like or similar anywhere on the TX1.

Any ideas?


Hello Ulli_TR, I believe would be an OpenCL dependency, which would not exist on L4T for the TX1. You would need to configure the software to not use OpenCL if possible.

Here you can find a guide that I wrote to solve this problem:

Thanks a lot, Myzhar, that nailed it down.
Getting closer towards my first TX1 application :-)