Since the last uppdate I get can’t find libprotobuf.dll
My shadowplay is now broken.
Where can I get this dll?

Hi @tswain555! Welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Please do a clean install of the latest drivers on your system. The easiest way to do so is to use GeForce Experience, choose custom installation and and check the box at “Perform a clean installation”.

With that all NVIDIA DLLs will be reinstalled. In case that does not resolve your issue, check that you have all Windows updates.

I hope that helps!

Thank you; will retry.

MEH! I need to fix this; it should have warned me and NOT done the install.
I am windows 8.1 this box is NOT upgradable. I NEED to put back the old 8.1 installer; where is that?
I am completely dead in the water. Machine is now functionally completely useless.
libprotobuff.dll is missing.


NVIDIA GFE support for Windows versions older than 10 has been deprecated.
If you want to install an NVIDIA driver without GFE, please use our driver search page to find Windows 7 and 8 specific security updates of our drivers.

But Shadowplay will only work on Windows 10 and later.