Libra SDK - Scientific developer kit C/C++ programming targetting both CPUs & GPUs

GPU Systems announces availability of Libra SDK. A robustly equipped C/C++ developer kit for simple and powerful cross CPU-GPU access suited for scientific computations. Libra 1.1 SDK includes C/C++ matlab style API, sample programs and documentation. Example code and a downloadable trial version of Libra is available from GPU Systems website for unlimited testing.

A Libra demo/presentation is also available at :

Hello Libra,


How is this different from the “device_vector” concept present in the “Thrust” library from NVIDIA?

The sample program on your site looks cooool. Nice!

It looks pretty much like what accelereyes did to MATLAB…

btw, I am unable to see the video or download the PPT from your site…(may b, my browser settings… just now I reset everything…)

btw, I am a Virgo…

Best Regards,

Hello Virgo!

And thank you for the compliments.

Yes, Libra API is matlab programming but in a C/C++ environment. See for a closer look on 1.1 supported functionality.

Your application code is portable and may be executed on a CPU as well as on a NVIDIA GPU and future compute devices…

Sorry about your browser problems. You may retune and watch the rerun on youtube instead :

Have fun!

/ Marco.